Meet the new caretakers for Pearl Lakes Trout Club. Don and Barb Meredith are excited about the next big adventure in their lives. Both are Colorado natives and enjoy everything related to the outdoors; including camping, hunting, fishing, hiking and exploring the mountains on their side-by-side. 

Don was born in Denver and has lived in the San Luis Valley for the past 35 years. He has worked in the farming industry for 25 years and in 2016 opened his own vehicle repair shop.

Barb was born in the San Luis Valley and especially enjoys sewing, crocheting, making candles, embroidering, and spending time with her family. She has worked for the Alamosa County Assessors Office for the past 21 years.

They have children: Jenny and Brian, and daughter-in-law Lindsay. Jenny lives in Denver.  Brian and Lindsay call the San Luis Valley home. Don and Barb value time with their family, building strong relationships, and have a strong work ethic. They are eager to learn and look forward to meeting and serving the members and guests of Pearl Lakes Trout Club.

Join us in welcoming Don and Barb to the Pearl Lakes family. The deserve our support and utmost respect.

Other News:

The Club has published a guide for "catch-and-release" for members and their guests.  Fishing rules and fish harvest informational forms will also be available for all fishermen in 2018. PLEASE fill out the harvest information forms, as this helps the Board and fish committee decide how and where to stock the lakes.

 Please consider donating to the trophy fish fund.  Mail your donation to:  P.O. Box 525  Monte Vista, CO 81144.  Our dues are not spent on trophy fish--donations only.  


Recent News for Members

Ciello fiber optic broadband internet is coming to Pearl Lakes. Contact them at 800-332-7634 for more information. 

Don and Barb Meredith