Recent news:  

Pearl Lakes has been blessed with a wetter than usual summer so far.  As a result of the rain, the wildflower show is spectacular this year.  The mountains are green and the trout are calling all fishermen!  We hope to see all of our members at the lakes this summer.


Located at the headwaters of North Clear Creek, Pearl Lakes is surrounded by Colorado's Rio Grande National Forest, and is approximately half way between the small mountain towns of Creede and Lake City, Colorado.  It was established in 1922, and is operated as a private non-profit fishing club.  Its 84 members and their guests enjoy world-class fishing in 8 lakes, hiking, snowmobiling, and other varied outdoor activities.  THERE IS NO PUBLIC ACCESS TO PEARL LAKES TROUT CLUB.  Guests must be accompanied by a Club member.

A nice trophy fish!  Donations from members make it possible to catch one of these big fish.

 A fine trout!  Many members like to fly fish, and this beauty was released after its photo opportunity.

Pearl Lakes is home to many species of wildlife, including a resident moose population.

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